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The leading Consumer Service product in the food and beverage industry

SmartResponse™ gives you all of the features that you need to log and respond to contacts from consumers in a modern, easy to use package.

SmartResponse™ allows its users to focus on what is important to them – making sure that they can respond to enquiries and complaints in a timely and professional manner, keeping on top of issues or trends that that are quickly identified by the software, and allowing them to tailor reports or data extracts to suit their analysis needs.

Designed from the ground up to maximise ease of use and minimise the learning curve, it provides Consumer Care departments with a one-stop data management solution.

Our customers frequently tell us that SmartResponse™ is a pleasure to use. This is because we have taken great care with the design and layout to make sure that users see the information they need to see, when they need it.

Alan Rutherford, United Biscuits UK Consumer Services Manager says: “SmartResponse™ has proved itself to be a real winner for us, delivering a clear productivity bonus. As a consequence, we have been able to absorb a 20% increase in workload, without increasing headcount. Processing consumer contacts has never been easier. A great team and a great product – top marks”

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